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While Virginia Beach may be best known for sunbathing, surfing, and its nightlife, accidents can happen anywhere. When these accidents involve fire, fuel, chemicals, or electronics, there is a high potential for burn injuries. If you suffered a serious burn wound, pick up the phone and call a Virginia Beach burn injury lawyer today.

Categories of Burn Severity

There are three categories or “degrees” of burn injury, described below:

  • First degree burn: only the top layers of skin are burned. There is usually some redness and possibly swelling. An example of a first-degree burn would be briefly touching a hot pan on the stove or getting a mild sunburn.
  • Second-degree burn: the top and middle layers of the skin, or dermis, are burned. Blistering and pain are common. If someone spilled liquid on your arm, such as coffee, for example, you might suffer from a second-degree burn. The larger the skin surface area that is burned, the worse the injury becomes. If more than 15 percent of the body is burned, even if it is only a second-degree burn, hospitalization is necessary. If the victim is a child, then that percentage is dropped to 10, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Twenty-three percent of people who suffer burn areas encompassing one-quarter of their body die, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Burn wounds are extremely susceptible to infection, which is one of the major causes of death among burn victims.
  • Third degree burns: all layers of the skin are burned. Blistering, whitening of the skin, and black charring all signify that the burn is of the third degree. Hospitalization is necessary for any third degree burn, no matter how small. Skin grafting may be necessary for recovery.
  • Fourth degree burns: all layers of the skin are burned and tissue is burned, as well, including muscle and tendon, as well as possibly bone. A fourth-degree burn is life threatening no matter how small, though fourth degree burns are usually part of a larger burn area that also includes third and second degree injuries.

Virginia Beach Burn Types

There are specific types of burns: thermal, radiation, electrical, and chemical. Thermal burns, which are the most common, are caused by physical contact with a hot substance or object. A radiation burn is caused by excessive high doses of radiation, such as that from cancer treatment or from an x-ray. Electrical burns are caused by receiving an electric shock, and health complications can be very severe and long lasting depending on the severity of electrocution. Finally, chemical burns are caused by very acidic or very basic substances, including substances that many people use at work.

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Our law firm focuses entirely on burn injury claims, which means that not only will you have our entire attention, but we are virtually unmatched in experience and results. The Walker Morgan law firm serves clients all throughout the country, including burn victims of Virginia Beach. If you were injured, call today so we can begin working on your claim as soon as possible.

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