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A majority of fire-related deaths result from inhalation of toxic gases that are produced by the fire. Gas burns are extremely serious, and they often accompany thermal burns when people get hurt in house fires. According to a fact sheet from the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, burn injuries lead to thousands of deaths each year, and the burns from fires result in about 500 child fatalities annually. It is important to understand that house fires, as well as other accidents that can result in severe and life-threatening burn injuries, or even less serious injuries, such as first or second degree burns, are avoidable. Burn injuries often happen because another party was careless, reckless, or even intended to harm another person.

South Carolina Burn Injury Lawyer Assisting Plaintiffs in Summerville

If you recently suffered burn injuries for which another party may be liable, you should reach out to a Summerville burn injury lawyer as soon as possible. At Walker Morgan, our firm is nationally recognized for its work on burn injury cases, and we pride ourselves on being able to assist injured plaintiffs who deserve financial compensation for their losses. The dedicated team at Walker Morgan handles burn injury lawsuits across the country, but we are located in South Carolina. Given our primary location, we provide in-person, tailored representation to each of our clients in Summerville.

Are All Burn Injuries in Summerville the Same?

Many burn injury victims and their families do not realize that there are many different kinds of burns that can lead to a successful burn injury lawsuit. Our firm handles a wide variety of burn injury claims. The following information from WebMD helps to explain the different types of burns that can occur:

  • Thermal burns: these types of burns happen when someone comes into contact with fire, a hot liquid, steam, or another type of hot object or substance. Many thermal burns occur in house fires where a person is exposed to flames. In addition, thermal burns are also common from scalding liquids, such as boiling water on a stovetop; these are known as scald burns. In some cases, gases from a fire can also produce gas burns. Car accidents can also produce fires in which plaintiffs suffer thermal burns.
  • Electrical burns: these types of burns typically happen when an individual comes into contact with some kind of electrical source. Electrical burns can happen in many different industries and workplaces, such as construction sites. Workers should know that they have a right to be protected against certain harms in the workplace, including burn injuries. Sometimes lightning strikes can also result in a serious electrical burn.
  • Chemical burns: these types of burns tend to occur when someone comes into contact with a harmful chemical substance. Such substances can exist regular households, and they can also be found at workplaces as industrial chemicals. They come in many forms, from liquids to gases.
  • Gas burns: these types of burns, as we mentioned, happen most often from contact with a dangerous chemical or from smoke inhalation during a fire.

Contact a Summerville Burn Injury Lawyer

If you recently suffered burn injuries caused by another party, or if your child was burned, you deserve to seek financial compensation. An experienced Summerville burn injury attorney at our firm can help with your case. Contact Walker Morgan today to get started.


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