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Electrical Burns

Electrical Burn Injury

Our modern world is powered by electricity. While the benefits of electricity are many, it can also be a significant hazard. When electricity is exposed to the human body, it can result in burns and other significant health effects. At Walker Morgan, we specialize in helping people who have suffered electrical burns, due to someone else’s negligence, get compensation for their injuries.

What Are Electrical Burns?

Electrical burns occur when an electrical current jumps from a wire, cord, outlet, or appliance to pass through a human body. The electricity can burn the skin and is capable of causing massive internal damage, including cardiac arrest. The internal injuries caused by an electrical burn may not be immediately evident, in that the visible electrical burns may simply be entry and exit points of the electrical current. The entry point is usually the hand.

What Causes Electrical Burns?

Electrical burns may be caused by high voltage wires, overhead power lines, electrical outlets, cords, or appliances. Many injuries result from dropping a plugged-in appliance into water, a child putting an electrical cord into their mouth, or a person sticking something into an outlet such as a pin or their fingers. Many work-related electrical burns are caused by the mishandling of wires or power lines.

Where do electrical burns happen?

Because electricity surrounds us, an electrical burn has the potential to happen anywhere. Luckily, shielding usually prevents us from being exposed to direct electrical current. However, when that shielding is degraded or removed, such as in the case of fallen power lines, broken appliances, or damaged cords, the potential for electrical burns increases exponentially.

Here are some potential industries and places where electrical burns can happen:

  • Appliance Repair Repairing appliances can be dangerous if proper procedures are not followed.
  • Downed Power Lines Utility poles may fall due to improper maintenance, natural disaster, or vandalism and can result in extremely high risk of electrical burns.
  • Defective Products Some products may expose you to electrical shock due to poor design, manufacturing processes, or improper testing.
  • Construction and Electrical Work Construction sites present a lot of hazards, especially when it comes to electricity.

These are just some examples of where electrical burns can happen.

What are the potential effects of an electric burn

Electrical burns can result in severe internal burns and damage, thermal burns on the outside of skin, and interfere with the regular processes of the body. Prolonged exposure to electrical current can result in death.

If you witness someone being exposed to electrical current, the best thing that can be done is to shut down the electrical current (assuming it is possible and safe to do so) and calling 911 for emergency assistance. The duration of exposure directly affects the person’s prognosis.

Liability for Electric Burns

If your burn was caused due to the negligence or irresponsibility of another person or business, then they may be held liable for the following:

  • Past and future expenses medical treatment
  • Lost wages if it is impossible for you to return to work because of the injury
  • Pain & suffering if there is a significant impact on your quality of life, such as permanent disability or disfigurement

Usually, insurance policies obtained by a business or individual is what will be used to pay out compensation for these types of injuries. In some cases, if electric current led to the death of a loved one, the surviving company may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf.

Negligence can come in many forms. Here are some examples:

  • If a company does not provide proper safety training or equipment for their workers, or encourage safe procedures, then they may be found liable for electrical burns sustained while at work.
  • If you used a product as directed and it leads to electric shock and burns, then the manufacturer of that product may be liable.
  • If there is exposed wiring at a hotel or other place of business, without proper warning, and it leads to electrical burns, then the owner or business may be found liable under premises liability law.

If you’ve suffered from an electrical burn due to an unsafe work environment or negligence of a person, we are here to help. Contact us today to discuss the specific circumstances regarding your burn injuries.


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