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As many as 10,000 Americans die every year from infections caused by burn injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Hundreds of thousands require hospitalization for their burn injuries and considerable pain. If another party was responsible for causing your burn injury, do not hesitate to contact an attorney to discuss the possibility of financial compensation. You may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, permanent disfigurement, medical costs, lost wages, and lost enjoyment that you find in life.

Types of Burns

Burns can occur in many different forms and through a variety of instances. Some of the most common types of burns are heat, electrical, thermal, and chemical.

Heat Burns

A heat burn is a type of injury that virtually all of us have suffered at some point in our lives, either from touching a hot stove as a child or burning the tips of our fingers on a match’s last flicker. A heat burn, like other burns, can cause damage ranging from the outer layer of skin, the inner layer of skin, and all the way down to muscle and bone. Fire, scalding liquid or vapor, and coming into contact with a hot object are all major causes of heat burns.

Radiation Burns from X-Rays

The most common radiation burn that we have all likely been exposed to, especially here in Los Angeles, is from the sun. A sunburn is a type of minor radiation burn injury, though long-term and repeated exposure, of course, comes with great risk. Other more acute types of radiation burns are sometimes experienced by cancer patients undergoing therapy treatment, victims that were exposed to the catastrophic failure of certain high-powered industrial-level light bulbs, and patients exposed to X-rays.

Electric Burn Injuries

While electrical burns only account for four percent of all burns, according to the American Burn Association, they can be very severe and accompanied by other injuries caused by the electric shock, such as internal tissue and bone damage. If you suffered any type of major electric shock, it is important to seek medical attention at once, even if you are reading this days later. Certain tests may be necessary for your doctor to perform to check the status of your heart and brain, which are unfortunately vulnerable to electrical damage.

Burns Caused by Chemical Exposure

Chemical burns are not caused by temperature, but by very acidic or basic substances that cause corrosion of the skin and other body tissues. Common household substances, such as some cleaners, often contain chemicals that can cause serious chemical burns. Three percent of burn injuries are chemical burns.

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If you have been burned in any type, whether from a defective product or from another individual’s negligent driving or other actions, we urge you to call the Los Angeles burn injury lawyers of Walker Morgan, LLC today at 803-359-6194 to discuss the financial compensation that may be available to you and your family during this time of trouble. We are prepared to assist you immediately with your case.

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