Coverage Limits and My Case

When you’re injured in a personal injury accident, it’s often the responsible party’s insurance company that will be covering for your losses. Whether you’re hurt in a car collision, because of dangerous conditions on property, medical malpractice, or other circumstances, you’ll file an insurance claim to seek monetary damages. However, insurers typically only pay out to the limits of the policy, which may be inadequate to fully compensate you for your losses. Especially with burn injuries, for which you could incur astronomical medical bills, pain, and scarring, insurance coverage limits could leave you in an extremely dire situation.

However, there are strategies for overcoming challenges with insurance claims, making it possible to recover the full amount of monetary damages available by law. Retaining an experienced burn injury lawyer is essential, so contact our team at Walker Morgan, LLC to learn more about your rights. You can also read on for some general information on how insurance coverage limits work.

How Coverage Limits Affect My Injury Case

Overview of Insurance Policy Limits

When you purchase any policy for liability insurance, there will be a limitation on how much the insurance company will pay out for a claim. The insurer won’t provide compensation above that maximum dollar amount to any victim who is injured because of the organization’s own policyholder. This is true even if your losses exceed the coverage limit, which is often the case for burn injury victims. Their medical expenses alone may be higher than the policy amount. You should note that many motorists only buy the minimum auto insurance coverage, which is relatively low and varies by state.

Strategies for Recovering Compensation in Excess of Insurance Policy Limits

Fortunately, there are multiple options that may enable you to receive monetary damages above the policyholder’s insurance coverage limit.

Pursuing Additional Parties

If there was more than one responsible person or entity involved in causing your burn injuries, you could attempt to recover compensation from these additional parties. When each of them has policy limits of $50,000, you could possibly obtain up to $100,000 for your losses.

Umbrella Policies

Some larger responsible parties, such as corporations, may have purchase an extra catch-all type of insurance in addition to their liability coverage. When you hit the policy limit, you trigger the party’s umbrella coverage to get a payout up to the amount of your losses.

Direct Lawsuit

Your claim in excess of the policy limit may be denied by the insurer, but you can still pursue the responsible person or entity through a direct civil suit for monetary damages. This may not be the best option when the responsible party doesn’t have sufficient assets to pay the judgment.

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If you suffered burn injuries, you can’t afford to have insurance coverage limits impact your right to monetary damages. Our lawyers at Walker Morgan, LLC specifically focus on burn injury accidents, so we’ve amassed extensive experience dealing with stingy insurers and fighting on behalf of victims. Please contact our office today to schedule your free case evaluation with a skilled attorney. We advocate on behalf of burn injury victims throughout the US, and we’re happy to assist with your claim.