What You Need to Know About Burn Injuries

By October 30, 2017Burn Injuries

Fire accidents account for numerous injuries every year, both domestically and industrially. They can happen in the blink of an eye. You can suffer burns in just about any setting – hot steam, portable stoves, short circuits or defective products at home or work. A burn injury tends to be incredibly painful and can take a substantial amount of time to heal. Severe burns, especially, entail more complicated treatment and recovery.

That’s why if you or a loved one happens to suffer a burn through the carelessness or negligence of another party, you can make a burn injury claim for compensation. Let’s look through some of the things you should know about filing this claim.

Severity of the Burn Injury

Burn injuries are classified into first, second and third degree depending on their severity. First degree burns heal quickly since they only affect the top layer of the skin. Second-degree burns go deeper, with the top layer of the skin totally destroyed and further layers being damaged. Third-degree burns are extensive and destroy the protective layers of skin as well as damage the muscles, tissues, ligaments, and tendons lying beneath.

The compensation claim you file will account for the intensity of suffering, the medical expenses incurred, psychological trauma, lost potential for earning, and punitive damages. With a fair claim, you can re-stabilize your life and ease the financial burden on your family.

If The Accident Happened In the Workplace

Legally, your employer is obligated to make a safe workspace available for your use that doesn’t do harm to your health or put you at undue risk. You could suffer burns from faulty equipment in an office setting too. You can make a burn injury claim if your burns are due to negligence on the employer’s part, or if you had to undertake a job activity you weren’t adequately prepared for.

 If the Accident Happened in a Public Area

If you suffer a burn injury on the premises of a building due to poor management, you can sue for negligence. Similarly, if you get burned by a waiter spilling a hot beverage on you, you can file a claim.

If the Accident Happened in a School or Nursery

Schools and nurseries have a responsibility to keep your children safe and free from risks. If your child goes through burn injuries due to an exposed radiator or power line, you have every right to sue for negligence.

Consult With a Lexington Personal Injury Lawyer

The most significant requirement for making a burn injury claim is that you be able to prove that it was negligence or carelessness on the part of the third party that caused the burn and that if it hadn’t been for said negligence, the injury would not have occurred. Consult with an experienced Lexington personal injury lawyer to understand your case better.

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