Explosions do not just happen in the movies. Although explosions are relatively rare in real life, they do happen. Explosions are extremely dangerous and if you are in the close vicinity of one, you can suffer many different types of injury.

When energy accrues rapidly and releases, an explosion occurs. This can be the result of combustion or a chemical reaction. In addition to extreme heat, an explosion can release toxic fumes and projectile debris.

Immediately after an explosion, seek emergency medical care for anybody who needs it. If you or others are in need of first aid, administer the aid and seek medical attention for the injury as soon as possible afterward.

Ways You Can Sustain Explosion Injuries

The injuries victims can sustain in an explosion are known as blast injuries. An individual close to the site of the explosion can suffer injuries to the auditory and gastrointestinal systems from the pressure of the explosion. This can lead to hearing loss and organ damage.

When an explosion causes a solid object to fragment and become airborne, an individual can suffer a blunt trauma from being struck with a projectile object. When an explosion occurs inside a building, the building can collapse and crush victims inside.

You can also be burned, sometimes severely, in an explosion. Explosions can start fires, which can cause victims to suffer thermal burns and potentially suffer smoke inhalation injuries. In some cases, victims suffer flash burns in an explosion. These burns result from exposure to strong thermal radiation, intense light flashes, and extreme electrical currents.

What to Do if you are Affected by an Explosion

Seek medical attention as soon as possible. You should always put your health and safety first. Receive appropriate medical treatment for all the injuries you suffered in the explosion. Do not worry about paying your medical expenses or putting a personal injury claim together just yet – focus on your recovery, and when you are ready, start working with a lawyer to develop an effective personal injury claim that demonstrates how another party’s negligence created the conditions for the explosion to occur, how you were injured in the explosion and the damages you are now facing because of your injury. Through your claim, you can seek compensation for the following damages:

  • Your medical expenses;
  • Your lost wages. This includes your immediate losses as well as your projected lost earnings due to a permanent disability; and
  • Your pain and suffering damages, such as the emotional trauma of your disfigurement.

Work with an Experienced Burn Injury Lawyer

When you are suffering from an injury and facing steep financial damages, it is in your best interest to work with an experienced Seattle burn injury lawyer who can help you pursue the monetary compensation you deserve. The injuries you sustain in an explosion can disable or disfigure you for life. To discuss your case in greater detail, contact our team at Walker Morgan, LLC today to schedule your free consultation in our office.

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