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Your home is your castle and a haven from the outside world, but the systems, appliances, and other household items within it can be a source of burns. Whether due to carelessness, defective equipment, or external factors, burn-related injuries cause extreme pain and suffering for victims. The required medical care is extensive and the recovery period is long. Though you may assume fire is the biggest threat, there are many other sources of burns, including scalding, chemicals, and electrical issues. Fortunately, there are ways you can avoid burns and keep your home safe, especially for younger children who tend to be more vulnerable.

Shocking Statistics on Residential Burns

One of the most alarming figures on home fires and burns is that you can expect to sustain FIVE fires in your household during your lifetime, which is about 78 years in the U.S. according to current data. That translates into a fire about every 15 years. Plus, the American Burn Association reports that:

  • Every year, hospital admissions and emergency department records show that an estimated 486,000 burn injuries receive medical treatment;
  • There are 40,000 hospitalizations from burn injuries annually, 30,000 of which are within designated hospital burn centers;
  • The causes of burn injury hospitalization include fire or flame, scalding, contact with a heat source, electricity, and chemicals;
  • Of all hospital admissions for burn injuries, 73 percent of burn-causing incidents occur in the home.

Children are Among the Most At-Risk

Unfortunately, burn injuries to children are all too common, especially those under four years old. Approximately 65 percent of kids in this age group who are hospitalized for burn-related injuries suffer scalding, while contact burns make up 20 percent. In addition, these scald burns are from hot tap water more than other types of hot liquid. It is not surprising that most scalding injuries to children occur in the kitchen where families prepare food and serve meals.

Home Safety – Protect Your Family from Burns in the Home

Safe Kids Worldwide has some tips on how to keep children and your entire family safe from burns:

  • Install plastic covers on electrical outlets so children cannot insert metal objects;
  • Unplug heat-based appliances in the bathroom, including curling irons and hair dryers;
  • Never hold a child while cooking at the stove;
  • Install anti-scald devices on water faucets and in showers;
  • Turn the handles of pots and pans away from the edge of the stove top;
  • Avoid leaving hot dishes near the edge of counters;
  • Place safety guards or barriers around fireplaces to keep children away; and,
  • Never leave candles unattended.

If You Were Burned at Home, Consult with a Columbia Burn Injury Lawyer

The attorneys at Walker Morgan have assisted many clients across the U.S. who have suffered burn injuries. We can tell you more about your options for financial compensation after assessing your medical records and hearing the details of your case. Please contact us today for more information on our legal services for burn injury victims.

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