How to Prevent Sunburns from Scarring

By August 20, 2017Burn Safety

As we work our way through the summer and people flock to the lakes and beaches, sunburns become more and more common. While the serious risks that are commonly associated with sunburns, like skin cancer and melanoma, only happen after repeated exposure over a long period of time, individual sunburns can lead to permanent scarring if they are severe enough, and if proper steps are not taken to treat them.

Serious Sunburns Can Cause Scarring

While most sunburns do not pose much of a risk of a long-term disfigurement of your skin, some of the most severe sunburns can lead to scarring. Any sunburn that leads to blisters or even skin peeling can make your skin scar, if it is not handled properly.

Peeling Your Skin Can Cause Scars

When you get a sunburn and your skin peels, remember that the layer of skin underneath the one that is coming off is still new and delicate. Peeling off the outer layer, even though it is in the process of coming off, can gently tear the layer underneath. This can cause the new skin to scar.

Instead of peeling the skin off, let the skin come off on its own. If you want to speed up the process, or need to look presentable for a meeting or event and cannot cover up the skin shedding, take a warm bath and coax it off with a washcloth.

Whatever you do, the important part is that you should not irritate the new skin underneath. Because it is so new and soft, it is easily damaged, and this can result in scarring.

Sunburns That Blister Can Also Cause Scarring

Blisters can also cause scarring, as well. If the blister is not broken, then the best way to treat it is by covering it with a loose bandage that does not irritate the sensitive skin. The blister will heal on its own, but needs to be protected from further irritation, or else it could break.

If the blister is already broken or breaks during your treatment, cover it with antibiotic ointment and a clean bandage to protect it and keep it moist and clean. Before going to bed at night, take the bandage off to let the skin dry and breathe, and then use a clean bandage for the next day.

Prevention is the Best Treatment

Of course, it is best to prevent the sunburn from happening, in the first place. Using sunscreen anytime you are outside or wearing clothing that covers your whole body can prevent sunburn from happening, eliminating the odds of your skin scarring from a sunburn.

Help For Burn Injury Victims

Typically, you cannot get compensation for sunburns. However, there may be specific instances where you may be able to get compensation if the sunscreen you used is defective and did not deliver on its promise. Defective sunscreen can lead to severe sunburns, chemical burns, and long-term risks for skin damage and cancer. If you believe your sunscreen did not offer the promised protection, or resulted in an allergic reaction, contact our law firm today for a free consultation. We specialize in representing burn victims across the country. We may be able to help you get compensation for the costs of your burn injury.

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