How a Trip to the Hair Salon Can Lead to a Chemical Burn

By July 10, 2017Burn Injuries

While the people who are most at risk for suffering a chemical burn are industrial workers who deal with highly-toxic chemicals on a daily basis – miners, chemical fabrication workers, and pool maintenance professionals – everyone can get exposed to dangerous chemicals in their daily activities.

One surprising way for you to come into contact with a high-powered chemical that can cause a serious burn injury is by going to a salon. Hairstylists use lots of complex chemicals to treat your hair, and if they make a mistake or something goes wrong, those chemicals can end up hurting you.

Stylist’s Mistake Burns Customer’s Scalp

An Australian woman, Sarah Babajee, visited a hair salon to have a routine procedure to touch up a re-growth, but got more than she bargained for when the treatment went wrong. Her stylist made a mistake with the treatment, and the chemicals came into contact with Babajee’s scalp, causing welts and blisters from the burn.

When she contacted the salon’s manager, Babajee was told that she would have to undergo another procedure at the salon to strengthen the hair that she lost from the burns. The manager even refused to meet with Babajee, or offer any compensation for the incident.

Pantene Hair Products Cause Fires During Dyeing

Even if the salon’s hairstylist does everything correctly, you can still suffer a burn injury if the hair treatment products react with each other.

This has been the case with numerous people who use Pantene’s Moisture Renewal shampoo and conditioner, and then turn to a stylist for a dye job. While experts disagree on the cause of the chemical reaction, many customers have experienced problems dyeing their hair if they have used this particular brand of shampoo.

Maryland hairstylist Patrick Simpson explains that, when it comes to this type of shampoo, “With the build-up of parabens and plastic and silicones, when it comes in contact with a bleach or hi-lift color, it reacts and the bleach will melt off the build-up.” The result is a hot liquid that can burn the scalp if it comes in contact with it.

Chemical Burns Can Happen Anywhere

While chemical burns account for only around 3% of the burn injuries that require in-patient medical care, they can happen anywhere. While most of the serious chemical burns happen on the job in certain occupations – the Centers for Disease Control estimates that 13 million workers in the U.S. are exposed to hazardous chemicals – you can be exposed to chemicals in your daily life on a routine basis. Unfortunately, whether it is in a hair salon or cleaning your bathroom, this exposure can result in severe chemical burns.

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