With the arrival of grilling season, aspiring and experienced grill masters need to dust off their grills and brush up on their grilling technique. Food might taste better off the grill, but grill injuries are surprisingly common. For example, in 2012, almost 16,000 people visited emergency rooms for burn injuries involving a grill. To make sure that you don’t injure yourself or your family, follow these tips.

Be Extra Careful When Igniting a Gas Grill

Many people enjoy propane grills, but you must be careful when igniting it. Some propane might have leaked out, which could burn you. When lighting the grill for the first time in the summer, check for leaks by washing the hose with water and light soap. If you see bubbles, then there is a leak and you should call a professional to service the grill before using it.

Sometimes, a propane grill won’t light on the first try. Leave enough time for the accumulated gas to dissipate before trying again—usually, five minutes is acceptable. If the gas hasn’t dissipated, then it could ignite.

Grill Outdoors

A few grills, like the George Foreman, are safe to use indoors, but most grills are not. If you use a grill inside, then you might suffer smoke inhalation. You also increase the risk of something catching on fire. Instead, wheel your grill outside so that it is not obstructed. Make sure it is several feet away from the house and any overhanging branches. And, no, grilling in the garage with the door open is not safe!

Avoid Wearing Flammable Material

A lit grill can ignite anything flammable, and many people are wearing flammable material without even knowing it. Avoid long-sleeved shirts and check whether you have spilled any chemicals on your clothes—a big problem if you have gone to the grill immediately after work. To be safe, you should change into clean clothes before starting up your grill.

Other material that can catch on fire includes sunscreen and lighting fluid, which you should keep out of the reach of children. Also keep cigarettes and paper products away from the grill while it is in use.

Keep Children and Animals Away

Young children might not understand that grills can get hot, and their natural curiosity might take over. Dogs and other animals can also push over the grill or knock children into it. For these reasons, keep children and animals several feet away from the grill at all times. For added safety, you might cordon off the area where you grill using a small fence or sawhorses, or you can keep children and pets inside while you grill.

Store Gas Containers Appropriately

If you have an extra gas container, remember to store it upright, not on its side. Also never store the extra container near the grill or in a hot car or truck. It is at risk of exploding if you do.

Injured while Grilling? Contact a South Carolina Burn Injury Lawyer

Even experienced grill masters can get careless and suffer an injury. However, some grilling mishaps stem from defects in the grill which render them unreasonably dangerous. If you suffer any type of burn, even a first degree burn injury, obtain immediate medical attention and then contact a Lexington personal injury lawyer who can advise you about whether you have a legal case. At Walker Morgan, our personal injury lawyers have obtained millions of dollars for our clients, and we are here to help. Schedule your consultation today.

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