You can suffer a burn in nearly any type of accident. Remember, there are many different types of burns you can suffer, like electrical, chemical, and thermal burns. Outside your home, there are many different hazards that can subject you to these various types of burn.

Whether a burn is the only injury you sustain in an accident or it is one of the many injuries you suffer, you can seek compensation for your damages related to the burn through a personal injury claim. Your lawyer can help you use the evidence you have to support every part of your personal injury claim.

Burn Injuries in your Car

You can be severely burned in a car accident. Your engine runs hot, and when you collide head-on with another vehicle or a stationary object, your engine can be pushed back into your lap, causing you to suffer severe thermal burns. Additionally, the fuel in your car is highly flammable – that is how it generates the energy for the engine to run – and it can catch fire or explode in a collision.

Thermal burns are not the only type of burn you can suffer in a car accident. When your car’s battery bursts and you are exposed to battery acid, you can suffer a chemical burn.

Burn Injuries in Public Places

When you are in public, there are many ways you can be burned in an accident. This can happen at work, at school, while you are shopping or out to eat, or in a public park. A few ways you can be burned in public include:

  • Electrical burns from coming into contact with frayed wires and faulty electrical appliances;
  • Steam and thermal burns from excessively hot food, liquids, and dishes at a restaurant;
  • Chemical burns from industrial and commercial chemical spills;
  • Thermal burns from exposure to open flames and dangerously hot objects; and
  • In rare cases, radiation burns. When radiation burns occur, it is usually in the course of cancer treatment.

If you have been burned in a public place, you should reach out to a premises liability lawyer for immediate help.

Avoiding Burn Injuries

You cannot avoid accidents entirely, but you can reduce your chance of being involved in an accident and you can reduce your chance of being burned when you are in one. When you are in public, the most effective way to avoid any type of accident is to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Keep a safe distance from electrical objects and chemical compounds.

As a driver, avoiding car accidents is an effective way to avoid being burned in the car. Always drive at or below the posted speed limit and never drive distracted or drunk. Pay close attention to the posted traffic rules and obey them. At night and during inclement weather, adjust your driving accordingly to stay safe.

Work with an Experienced Burn Injury Attorney

A burn injury can be expensive for you. If you are facing a steep financial burden after your accident, you can seek monetary compensation for your damages through a personal injury claim. To learn more about your rights and legal options as a burn victim, contact our team of personal injury lawyers at Walker Morgan, LLC today to set up your free consultation in our office.

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